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Donate a Gift Basket

Love your neighbor by supporting the Miracle League and/or the Women's Break Away event.

Make a basket as a family, or grab a friend or two and make some together!

(scroll down for ideas)

The Miracle League uses the baskets in a raffle at their Fundraiser event, March 7th.

The Women's Break Away event uses the baskets as door prizes, April 4th.  While the women stay hoping for a gift, they are also hearing about the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

For more info on these organizations, click below

Miracle League       Women's Break Away Event

Gift Basket Ideas

These are just ideas to get your creativity going!

Keep in mind:

~Women’s Break Away baskets should be suitable to a wide variety of lady recipients as winners are drawn at random.  (i.e. a knitting basket would not be ideal).

(Gift certificates are also not suitable as many women are not local)

~The Miracle League has kids, parents, and grandparents buying raffle tickets, so it doesn't have to be just kid baskets.  People are able to buy raffle tickets based on their interest.

  • Here's the Scoop—ice cream toppings, cones, fancy sundae glasses

  • Let Them Eat Cupcakes!—utensils, mixing bowl, cake mix, frosting, cupcake pan

  • Have a Ball—balls, orange cones, outdoor game sets

  • Spa Day—luffa, body soap, facial mask, bath bomb

  • Movie Night—popcorn, bowls, boxed candies,

  • Game Night—various board/card games, candies, 

  • I Heart Art—art supplies/kit, markers, coloring book

  • Grill Master—grilling utensils, spices, apron, use a cooler instead of a basket

  • Pool Party - beach towels, sun screen, pool toys, sand toys, sunglasses

  • Gardening—garden tools, flower packet, kneeling pad, garden decor

  • Stationary/Pen Pal - pretty paper pad, envelopes, stamps, fancy pens, 

  • Road Rage - hot wheels cars, hot wheel set, sunglasses, 

  • BFF - everything times 2, one for me and one for you; I (Naomi) made one of these a couple years ago for the Miracle League and it went over great.  2 head bands, 2 hair combs, 2 bracelets, 2 of a bunch of girly stuff and 2 (Easter) buckets so each girl could have their own "basket" to take home.  I put all the items in one bucket, and stacked the other one underneath.

  • Check out your favorite local store and see what they suggest for a gift basket

The details:

□ All items must be new

□ Basket does not need to be themed

□ Cellophane wrapped prefered

□ Bring Miracle League Baskets to church by Feb 23

□ Women’s Break Away baskets to church by March 16

□ For the Women’s Break Away Baskets: consider sticking in a devotional book no matter the basket theme

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