Discovery Land

Exciting, interactive Bible learning time for 3 year olds to 5th graders

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Sundays 9am

Currently, the kids are in one age group.

~3 years old through 5th grade


In Discovery Land, children learn the Know Right, Think Right, Do Right, Feel Right concepts which are all based on God’s truths found in the Bible!

KNOW RIGHT: Bible Knowledge

THINK RIGHT: Scripture verse highlighting truths in the Bible

DO RIGHT: How to apply it to their daily life

FEEL RIGHT: How right feelings follow right believing, thinking and doing

Your child will learn the gospel message through the Wordless Book (the gospel message in colors) and be able to share the gospel confidently with others.

Weekly take home papers challenge your child to study God’s word throughout the week . . . and receive rewards for doing so!

Sunday mornings begin with a pregame review, followed by a Discovery Time activity, and closes with the Bible lesson.