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Children's Ministry is a B.L.A.S.T!
Bible Learning and Spiritual Training

In the B.L.A.S.T. Zone, we want to work in the lives of children not from the outside in, but desire to see God working in them from the inside out. 

We pray for all of our students as they grow and learn through the Word of God--who God is, and who He is in their lives-- that the Spirit would transform them and enable them to become active participants in their spiritual growth.



Our teaching is biblically sound.

Our methods are developmentally appropriate
and engaging.

Our teachers model authentic discipleship
and mature Christian faith.

We pray for our students to have a living

and active faith in Jesus Christ. 

We encourage kids who are in Christ
to use their spiritual gifts.

We serve alongside parents in the spiritual formation of their children.

Foundation Worldview

Biblical Worldview Curriculum

September 2022 -- May 2023

Christians need to directly instruct their children in worldview analysis and equip them to recognize how the Christian worldview lines up with reality in a way that no other worldview does. While there are valuable comparative worldview resources for high school and college-age students, waiting until these later years to provide such instruction is detrimental. Critical thinking skills begin to develop in the mid-elementary years. The Christian community needs to make the most of these formative years by preparing children to evaluate every idea they encounter and understand the truth of the Christian worldview.

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